Please join me at IX Gallery for Scotia Contact Photography Festival!

Exhibition: “Space & Time – The Landscape” by Brian Naimer
“The Landscape we move through is dynamic and changing. From subtle changing light as our planet rotates, to the effects of weather on the landscape itself, or on objects made by man. Through large open spaces and small intimate areas, we experience a sense of our relationship in scale and expanse to the landscape.”

I will be showing at Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, for the month of May 2017.
The showing will be held at Colourgenics – IX Gallery.

Concept of exhibition is to bring awareness of the beautiful creative aspects of the Natural world. Not just seeing and experiencing Nature as a thing, but as artwork with form, colour, texture, temperature and time.  To awaken the viewer’s sense of awe and appreciation of the Natural world in which we all live.

Address: 101-11 Davies Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4M 2A9
Phone: (416) 461-3828

Click the image below to download a map for the festival: